Founded by David Dettloff in October 1995, The Ink Lab features experienced, award-winning tattoo artists and body piercers from around the world. Located in the heart of the Uptown neighborhood, our shop is clean, friendly and drug-free, all of our artists and piercers are licensed by the State of Minnesota and regulated by the Minneapolis Department of Environmental Health.

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Our Custom Tattoo Artists In Minneapolis, MN

We have award winning artist who specialize in a wide array of tattooing styles, including one-of-a-kind custom designs, tribal, traditional americana, oriental and flash.

David Dettloff ink lab tattoo artist

David Dettloff

Ernesto tattoo

Ernesto Romero

kryss cho

Kryss Cho

kryss cho

Rodney Taylor

Remedy Rook

Remedy Rook

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